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What does GRADAIM mean... Businesses?

The GRADAIM award recognises the work that a business has done to ensure a place for the Irish language in their enterprise. If you have recently taken the decision to use the Irish language in your business, or perhaps you have always included the language, register with GRADAIM and get the national recognition you deserve. the Language Community?

The GRADAIM national award illustrates to the public the level of service in Irish or visibility of the language they can expect from a business. The Irish speaking community can be confident that this information is accurate and has been verified by a comprehensive assessment process carried out by GRADAIM staff.

The GRADAIM award is a sign that shows the public that this business respects the Irish language and Irish speakers.
It also informs the Irish language community that a certain level of service in our native language can be expected.

GRADAIM Award Winners

This map displays all current GRADAIM award winners.

This and additional information can be found at the 'Businesses' page.