We have listed here some useful information that should help you undertake the tasks listed in the GRADAIM scheme. Some of this information is published by other organisations but it is included here as information relevant to participants of GRADAIM.

GRADAIM Handbook 2023

Signage, Branding & Marketing

Best Practice Guides - Signage and Packaging

Foras na Gaeilge have two guides for best practice on bilingual design for business.

Welsh Language Board Guide

The Welsh Language Board has a guide on the best practice for bilingual material.

Services in Irish

An Fáinne

The Fáinne is worn to show that you would like to use Irish and to indicate your level of competency. Gold Fáinne - To indicate fluency Fáinne Airgid - don duine le cumas bunúsach sa Ghaeilge Cúpla Focal - don duine le cúpla focal

The Retail Handbook

A simple guide to the use of the Irish language in the retail industry

The Food and Beverage Handbook

A simple guide to the use of the Irish language in the Food & Beverage industry

Name Your Place Booklet

A simple guide to placenames and advice and direction on naming estates or developments in Irish

Cúpla Focal for Tourism Businesses

A booklet of useful phrases for those working in the tourism industry. Published by Fáilte Ireland.