Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

Róisín Dalby

The winner of Fiontraí Óg na Bliana 2022, Rannóg 1 (age 12-18) is Róisín Dalby. Róisín is from Baile an Fheirtéaraigh, Co. Kerry and she works in the Goat Café in An Daingean. Róisín implements an Irish first policy at work where she greets all customers in Irish. Róisín believes that the use of Irish in the café greatly enhances the cultural experience of an Daingean and to that end, she is helping her colleagues at the café to improve their Irish. Róisín is dedicated to furthering the use of Irish in the Gaeltacht and her example is sure to inspire others throughout Corca Dhuibhne and beyond.
Category 1

Aoibhín Ní Dheagha

The winner of Fiontraí Óg na Bliana 2022, Rannóg 2 (age 18-21) is Aoibhín Ní Dheagha. Aoibhín is from Gaoth Dobhair and she has her own business, Cácaí Aoibhín, which she founded when she was only fourteen years old. She is now making cakes for shops and cafes all over the North-West Gaeltacht of Donegal as well as special orders, such as birthday cakes and wedding cakes. She recently opened a new kitchen of her own. Aoibhín believes that entrepreneurship plays an important role in preserving the language in the Gaeltacht and she wants to help the language planning committee in the area to encourage other young local people to become entrepreneurs.
Category 2

Bronntar dhá ghradaim ar leith le linn searmanas bronnta GRADAIM ar bheirt duine óg a léiríonn bua don fhiontraíocht le Gaeilge. Léiríonn buaiteoirí 'Fiontraí Óg na Bliana' na tréithe seo a leanas; bua don fhiontraíocht, cumas samhlaíoch ina c(h)ur chuige, íomhá dhearfach i leith na Gaeilge a chur chun tosaigh, seirbhís le Gaeilge don chustaiméir nó don chliant.

entrepreneurship through Irish

Young Entrepreneur

Do you know a young person who displays a talent for entrepreneurship?

Two special awards will be presented during the 2022 awards ceremony to two young people who demonstrate a talent for entrepreneurship through Irish. These awards will be presented in the following two categories:

Category 1

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Ages 12 - 18 (school age during the 21/22 school year)

Category 2

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Ages 18 - 21 (past school age but under 22 in June 2022)

How to Nominate a Young Person

The adjudicators will consider applications for this award upon receipt of a recommendation from the local community committee or the school.

Fill out the form on this page to nominate a young person for the award. The closing date for nominations is 19 August 2022. On the nomination form you will need to demonstrate how the nominee displays the following characteristics:


Next, the adjudicators will get to know the shortlisted entrepreneurs at a brief interview. The winner in each category will be presented with a trophy, iPad and 3 tickets for the 2022 awards ceremony, as well as the title of ‘GRADAIM Young Entrepreneur of the Year’.

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