Young Entrepreneur

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Young Entrepreneur

Do you know a young person who displays a talent for entrepreneurship?

Two special awards will be presented during the 2022 awards ceremony to two young people who demonstrate a talent for entrepreneurship through Irish. These awards will be presented in the following two categories:

Category 1

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Ages 12 - 18 (school age during the 21/22 school year)

Category 2

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Ages 18 - 21 (past school age but under 22 in June 2022)

How to Nominate a Young Person

The adjudicators will consider applications for this award upon receipt of a recommendation from the local community committee or the school.

Fill out the form on this page to nominate a young person for the award. The closing date for nominations is 19 August 2022. On the nomination form you will need to demonstrate how the nominee displays the following characteristics:


Next, the adjudicators will get to know the shortlisted entrepreneurs at a brief interview. The winner in each category will be presented with a trophy, iPad and 3 tickets for the 2022 awards ceremony, as well as the title of ‘GRADAIM Young Entrepreneur of the Year’.

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